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Australia’s Leading Psychic Medium to the Stars presents this live and interactive 2-hour show where he delivers messages from the Other Side to various audience members.

Limited VIP Meet & Greet Tickets also available which includes a photo opportunity with Sarah and Harry T after the show.

Tuesday 17 July




Written by Hillary Bell

Presented by Oily Rag Theatre

Hilary Bell's 'Wolf Lullaby' is a dark psychological thriller that explores themes including parental responsibility and the "nature versus nurture" debate, and asks the audience to consider what they would do if they suspected a loved one of an unthinkable crime.

3 -12 May 2018

for mature audiences

The Studio




Award-winning musical-comedy maverick Anya Anastasia brandishes her razor-sharp satirical wit, gleefully attacking and dismembering perils of the modern world.





Director's Choice Fundraiser

Vintage Theatre Co-op is Adelaide’s only community theatre workshop program dedicated to providing stage performance opportunities for the older person (65+). A selection of short stage performances, songs and music will be presented by participants and friends of our "Don't Act Your Age” community workshops.

9 June 2018



Written by Albert Camus

Translated by David Grieg

Presented by Red Phoenix Theatre

A passionate, poetic and darkly comic drama, a charismatic leader is given absolute freedom to challenge social convention in pursuit of personal obsession.

May 24 – June 2

The Studio

FLASH BACK! to 2004

"It is happening AGAIN..."

The Arch

at Holden Street Theatres

The next stage of the Holden Street Theatres is up and away and it is totally new and different yet completely old and classical?

As you saw on the plans out the front of The Studio and The Box the 1850’s All Saints church on the other side of the car park is a part of Holden Street Theatres and we have been working on it and it is nearly ready.

The Arch will be the third space at Holden Street we have put in the floor and the stage and we are in the process of putting in the chairs, lighting rig, bio box and dressing rooms and we should be finished next week. We have called it The Arch due to the incredible Arch at the stage. It will be a classic pro-arch theatre with a thrust stage and we have the beautiful old leather flip up chairs from Union Hall. The Arch will seat approx 130 to 140 and it will be stunning!

As The Arch will be developed in stages this will give you the opportunity to experience the refurbishment of the building as we do it.

The entire complex is Heritage listed, we used heritage colours in the first building but with a contemporary approach, however this one will be very different. It will be classical and in accordance with the traditional style of the building. With names like Sir Thomas Hardy, Charles Sturt and Twist Sterne (we don’t know who he is yet but he has a great name) associated to it we want to ensure we do justice to the building and so we are taking is slowly under the close eye of Duncan Ross Watt, Heritage SA.

the original Alter and Pulpit have been removed you can still see the paint colour combinations, the walls have plaques dedicated to the churches parishioners and groups such as the RAF and local church groups have donated some of the incredible stained glass windows. All this will be a part of the refurbishment.

The Arch has an amazing feel and people get so excited when they walk in at the prospects of what could happen there. It is perfect for anything, baroque music, small operas, theatre, comedy, and children’s theatre almost anything.

We will be up for the Fringe with Two shows in The Arch Ghosts and Chornobyl Story and we will be having an official opening later in the Year. But if you would like to come and have a look or chat to me about this exciting venture of Holden Street then please call on 08 8223 1450

I look forward to hearing from you,


Martha Lott